02 April 2011

April is here and it's still snowing...

Spring does not come to Utah, we have Winter, Summer and Fall. It's raining outside and supposed to turn to snow. And I still have Winter up on my stitching stand...

Years ago I started using a stop watch when stitching on large projects in order to record the time I've spent on them. I've almost put another 10 hours in on Winter since I started working on him this round. I did not get any work done on any of the other ponies, in fact they've been sitting right here....

Next to my chair. The thing is I'm getting tired of Winter both on my stand and outside my windows. I'm starting to look forward to Spring - both the horse and the season. I'm also getting tired of 40 ct fabric and I'm wondering if I should work on something a bit larger like 18 ct canvas? In other words, should I work on a Needlepoint WIP for a bit or should I finish warping this puppy up?
There's also an urge to grab something completely new. I'm quelling that urge because I have enough things going and I should finish the ponies before starting to love something new.

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