06 March 2011

I spent my birthday money...

I spent my birthday money. Most of it went to Three Wishes. To let you know what is in the picture - The blue cone is a chenille of some sort. The other cone is a variegated lavender thread that has 22 wpi (wrap per inch) and isn't very strong so I figure I'll have to go at least 4 ply to use it. The dark skeins are a wool/silk/bamboo wrap with sequins in it from SWTC, the variegated is Tabali from Chile, the two spools are carpet weight yarn for me to play with and the latest issue of Handwoven which I got so I can decide if I want to subscribe.

The book in the corner is a present to me off eBay. It's Hand Weaving patterns from Finland by Helvi Pyysalo and Viivi Merisalo. I'm using one of the patterns from it for my final project from class.

Oh, that reminds me - my weaving class is also my birthday present. There's a reason I only take one new class every couple years. After all, I don't have hobbies, I have obsessions.


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