19 February 2011

From Time Sucks to Believing in Priorities...

I heard a great speaker this week who said the number one reason we let Time Sucks get in the way of our priorities is deep down we don't believe they are really priorities. We let go of what we really want in the future for what we want right now because in the back of our heads, we don't believe we will really achieve the life we desire. I think that hit me harder knowing that the speaker was talking about what it took for her to leave an abusive relationship and become the incredible successful woman she is today.

The other big reason we put off working on our goals is we don't have the confidence to see that we are up to the task. We see the end and forget that the daily steps to get us there will build the skills needed to accomplish the end goal.

And the easiest thing to fix - we forget to schedule enough time to accomplish the baby steps we have. We try to do it all at once or we let the Urgent but Unimportant get in the way. So remember when it comes to activities... Do It, Delegate It, Defer it, or Dump It.


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